Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why You WANT To Have A Mailing List On Your Site

I'm happy to report that I got my first customer (someone I don't know) who wanted to be on the mailing list to remind them when the follow up of my book Got Ghosts? Real Stories of Paranormal Activity comes out. It feels pretty good to have a complete stranger not only enjoy my work but want to be notified when there's more. It's very inspirational and motivating to know people like your work and want more. Imagine hundreds, if not thousands of these requests. It will happen, just give it time and treat your customers well. For me, this is my first but still it's a small step in the right direction.

This is why it's important to give people the means to contact you on your website. When people want to be notified, you're not spamming them, you're giving them what they want and they are giving you a guaranteed sale. If you have 10 books out, they are probably going to buy your 10 books and the 11th one when it comes out too, because they've made a connection with you. They like your style and work.

Treasure these emails and customers and reward them with special offers, discounts or exclusive things as your way of thanking them for giving you the time of day. There are thousands of other authors out there, but they chose you. Respect that and you'll go far.

Steven W.

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