Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014: The Best Is Yet To Come

It's the new year and already 7 days into it, I discover what I've been looking for all this time... the secret to what every successful book and movie share in common... a formula!

Yes, there are patterns in everything and when you can see them, immulate them, you are almost guaranteed success! Because after all, all the other ones with the same pattern or formula have had similiar results so if 1+1 equals 2 regardless how you write it, then the answer is always a given. Success is a given!

Granted, I am aware there are other factors that come into play and the responsiblity as a writer still falls on me to create believable characters, write a proper sentence, know how to use proper grammar, etc. but now I have the support frame, the structure if you will, to write my books on the same level as those that came before me.

This is really exciting stuff for me. It's unlocking a new level in my writing which will only make my story telling even better. I'm looking forward to releasing my future books and hearing the reviews. I'm even hoping they will do really well. Heck, my goal is to sell 1000 books every month (minimum) so I can quit my day job as a security guard and stay home so I can write full time.

I love being a writer. It appeals to my creative side, it allows me to tell you, the reader a story. Now I will be able to tell you that on a level that matches the others that became best sellers.

2014 and beyond promises to be a wonderful year for my writing, and it was because of this recent discovery that I can now make my work stand out. (Sorry I can't tell you what it is (yet), but the answer is out there, if you look for it. It's taken me a few years to find it but I'm glad I did.) Now, the only thing left is for you to wait for my work to come out. Speaking of which, here is where I'm at...

I'm working on my Zombie novel - Self-Aware, polishing it and tweaking things as I see fit. It's taking what feels like forever but I hope to release it (or at least part of it) soon. If any of you would like to be a Beta Reader, let me know in the comment section below.

Well that's it for now. Here's to 2014... The best is still yet to come!  :-)