Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The New Ghost Busters Movie & My Thoughts On It ....

On July 15th, 2016, Sony is going to release the movie Ghost Busters with an all new female cast. When word got out about a year or so ago that a new reboot of the franchise was happening, the internet took to arms ~ not at the all female cast ~ but at the frustration of movie makers cashing in on old classics. As a writer myself, I am asking the question "Where's the originality anymore?" To which I get the same response over and over again "Nothing is new, it's the same old story, told a different way." I'm sorry - but I call bullshit on that notion.

There are plenty of original ideas still out there, plenty of great story tellers, and movies from these great ideas still to be made. (The Matrix, Back To The Future, etc. are examples of original movies that stand the test of time. Ghost Busters is a classic as well.) Some would argue that there's a new generation of movie-goers who haven't seen it, and while that maybe true, there are plenty of people who did see the original ghost busters... but should it have been made?

What's causing an uproar (in my opinion) is not the all female cast, but the fear that Hollywood will water down perfectly good movies that are gems in their own right. (Mention out loud a Back To The Future remake and you'll set the internet on fire) 

The creators of South Park (Trey Parker & Matt Stone) touched on this in their episode "Free Hat" where they confront movie producers who are re-releasing and changing movies they made, often making them worse. However, this isn't the case with these four ladies. They aren't Ray and Egon, they are their own characters, (Yes, set in the same world - thirty years later.)

Melissa McCarthy by her own right has fine tuned her comedy and acting to a level that is worthy of respect. The ensemble of other fine actors and comedians who join her (combined with the talented producer/director who made SPY Movie) not only promises to deliver, but knock it out of the ball park. She's working with a great cast, a producer/director who knows how to balance action AND comedy, combined with 2016 State-Of-The-Art special effects... all of this adds up to a blockbuster movie, even with those protesting their dislike for the movie.

All in all - the new Ghost Busters movie is going to be a big summer hit, and those who are saying "I'm not going to see it!" will hear from their friends that it is indeed an original-enough movie that it compliments the movie of the same name-sake. I WILL see this movie because I have no doubt that it will be entertaining and provide the Oooo's and Ahhhs that captured our imagination back in 1986. I will even post a spoiler free review below.  :-)

What are your thoughts? Are you with me? Are you going to see it? Leave your creative comments in the comment section below.

Steven Wolff
Author & Real Life Paranormal Investor

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